Masterclasses and Coaching

In addition to private instruction, I also offer educational packages tailored specifically to the needs of music educators. Any or all of these initiatives can greatly benefit young musicians and their ensembles. If you are interested in booking an event, drop me a line any time.

Masterclasses: Employing a casual, group discussion format, students are given the opportunity to learn proper orchestral percussion techniques and strategies, and are encouraged to present solo or small ensemble works for their peers. Typically, a masterclass would be structured into three segments:

  • Orchestral and ensemble percussion techniques: Young percussionists need to know the proper placement of mallets, striking positions, and best practices to obtain success in their ensembles. Handouts and repertoire examples help illustrate how to properly approach some of the many orchestral percussion instruments.

  • Solo and/or small ensemble performances: A traditional component of the masterclass, students are encouraged to perform for their peers, and receive adjudication and recommendations for furthering their own artistic and technical goals.

  • Group discussion: In order to maximize the students' masterclass experience, time is given to an open floor discussion on percussion-related topics that are of interest to attendees. Have something on your mind that wasn't covered? Feel free to speak out!

Sectional Coaching: Targeted, intensive work that focuses on students╩╝ current repertoire. Efforts are directed towards achieving a measurable improvement in the percussion section╩╝s contribution to the overall ensemble. Sectionals differ from masterclasses in a number of respects. Sectionals are intended to target specific performance needs based on repertoire the students are working with. Focusing efforts on specific musical works helps percussion students develop ensemble-oriented skills, builds confidence and stability within the section, and provides young percussionists with a sense of value in terms of their contributions to the overall musical experience. Do your percussionists feel left out? Show them how important they really are!

Instrument Assessment: A detailed inventory and assessment of physical assets that includes a graded recommendation of instrument maintenance and repair based on level of urgency, and a rough cost estimate for servicing. Percussion equipment is often in a state of disrepair, and this poor condition can lead to some pretty awful sound coming from the back of your ensemble. By providing you with a sense of perspective on the physical health of your percussion equipment, you can make informed decisions as to what to replace, and when. By grading each recommendation on a scale of urgency, you will be able to quickly assess what needs the most attention. A potential synergy exists where you involve your young musicians in the repair and maintenance process, thereby creating in them a desire to respect and care for the instruments in their charge.

Complete Package: Book all three services together as an integrated unit. Events can be scheduled together or on separate days at your convenience.

Customized Services: If there are specific goals or outcomes you are targeting with your ensembles, we can design a course of action that is tailored to your needs.